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What Are Housing Disrepair Claims?

Disrepair is when your home is in need of a repair. If you are a tenant, then your landlord will be responsible for dealing with most repairs.

You do not need to suffer in silence if you have notified your Landlord about a repair issue and you believe they are doing nothing about it.

Our expert solicitors will carefully assess your case based on the information and evidence which you provide, and then advise you on the best way forward in simple, easy to understand language.

What Are The Landlords Responsibilities?

The Tenancy Agreement

Your tenancy agreement is a contract between you and the landlord. You both have some rights and responsibilities under this agreement.

The Express Terms

If the tenancy agreement sets out the landlord’s obligations to carry out the repairs, this is called an express term. An express term is a term which is in writing. If the landlord’s obligations to carry out the repairs are not in writing then you will need to rely on things said and done, which sometimes can be very difficult to prove.

The Implied Terms

An implied term is something which can be read into a tenancy agreement even when it is not in writing.

The Law implies a term into your tenancy agreement making your landlord responsible to carry out the basic repairs.

It means your landlord is responsible for keeping in repair:

. the structure and exterior of your home, example, the walls, roof, foundations, drains, guttering, and external pipes, windows and external doors

. basins, sinks, baths, toilets and their pipework

. water and gas pipes, electrical wiring, water tanks, boilers, radiators, gas fires, fitted electrical fires or fitted heaters

Your landlord must repair the above and they cannot pass the cost of any repair work to you. It is the landlord’s RESPONSIBILITY.

Telling Your Landlord About The Repairs

You must notify your landlord about the repair and this must be done in writing so you have the evidence that your landlord knew about the problem.

Preparing For A Housing Disrepair Claim

Your housing disrepair solicitor will want to investigate your case in detail in order to fully understand the impact that the poor living conditions has had on your life and to ensure that any compensation you receive is sufficient. This may include;

. furniture

. flooring

. Clothing

. personal injury

. inconvenience

Preparing a housing disrepair claim may take time as the process involves detailed statements, obtaining records and seeking the opinion of experts. Your expert Solicitor will ensure this is done properly and carefully to ensure your case is presented at the highest possible level.

All this will improve your chances of winning the claim. The time taken should never deter you from making a genuine claim.

We will arrange this for you so you do not need to worry.

How You Can Help

  1. Report the problem to your landlord, asking them to carry out the repairs. Try and do this in writing. Keep the date of report safe.

  2. Take pictures of the disrepair.

  3. Contact us if your landlord is not fulfilling their obligations to repair.

 How We Can Help

Our expert solicitors can assess your case very quickly and tell you in simple terms whether you have a claim.

We can fast track your case ensuring your compensation is expedited as quickly as possible.

We can obtain an order to ensure your landlord makes right the repair as soon as possible.

When you need a housing disrepair solicitor, contact us as soon as you can and we will provide you with a first class legal service.

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