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What is an Occupational Disease?

Occupational illness are more commonly known as Industrial diseases or Industrial Illnesses that an individual has contracted by conducting via their employment by carrying out their daily work duties. These industrial Illnesses or diseases come in numerous forms which include Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL), Vibration White finger, Cancer, Asbestosis or skin conditions to name a few. These various illnesses or diseases can be contracted through the exposure of noise, fumes, dust and the excessive use of heavy machinery. These illnesses or diseases could be prevented with adequate safety measures such as personal protective equipment.

Employers have a responsibility to protect the health and safety of their employees and are deemed to have fallen short of their duty of care towards their employees if they fail to provide adequate protection.

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Have you worked in the conditions mentioned above or other similar conditions?

Have you have worked in, or have been exposed to poor working conditions and feel that you are now suffering as a result; your former or current employer may be accountable for their negligence by not providing you with the adequate health and safety training and protection that the law required them to put in place to safeguard you from harm.

Your claim for compensation may help to protect future or current employees from contracting such illnesses and diseases as an employer may change their practice and bring is proper health and safety measures to avoid claims from current or future employees.

If you feel that your job has had a negative effect on your health, a claim for industrial illness or disease compensation may assist you with the costs of potential treatment or recovery.

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The types of Industrial Disease Claims we deal with:

Noise Induced Hearing Loss Claims (NIHL)

Deterioration in our hearing is often attributed to the aging process or even our interests and hobbies. However in most instances, hearing loss may not be self-inflicted, it may be induced from working in an excessively noisy environment such as, but not limited to, engineering, steelworks, coal mining, textiles and ship building.

If you have worked in a noisy environment in the past and feel that your hearing has deteriorated even slightly, then do not hesitate to give us a call for a free consultation. There are time limits to when you can bring forward a claim. So act fast, act now!

Asbestos and Related Diseases

Asbestos is now a banned material which was formerly used in the construction trade. Exposure to dust particles from this material is proven to have a significant impact on your health. In most cases, the full effects of this substance are not known until many many years later.

Have you worked with this material regularly, or worked in an environment where it was frequently used? If yes, then you may have been affected and are entitled to some to compensation.


Mesothelioma is a type of disease which follows from the above. It is a result of the exposure to asbestos. This disease is the cause of thousands of deaths a year and has only made itself known after many years of working with asbestos.

Have you worked with asbestos? It may have had an impact on close family members who have come into contact with you at the time of your exposure as this material is as deadly by working with it, and equally as deadly by being around clothing and people that have been exposed to it.

IF you feel that you have been affected as a result of exposure to asbestos, then do not hesitate, give us a call on 01254 377786 now.

Repetitive Strain Injuries & Vibration White Finger

Carrying out repetitive tasks in the workplace such as the use of machinery or hand tools in a specific manner continuously can lead to a repetitive injury. A clear example is the condition known as vibration white finger (VWF), where the excessive and continuous use of handheld machinery without necessary and adequate protection has left you with long term suffering. Such injuries can affect your daily life by being unable to carry out even the most simplest of tasks such a holding things properly.

Has your employment exposed you to repetitive tasks? Do you feel that you are now suffering as a result? Stanley House Solicitors are here to help.

Respiratory Illnesses

Being directly or indirectly exposed to substances, gases, fumes or even dust often leads to the individual inhaling these without realising (such as working in a bus or lorry depot). The inhaling of gases, fumes or dust can cause anything from a minor niggling cough and wheezing to the more significant diseases such as lung cancer or skin cancer.

Do you feel that your health is suffering as a result? Do not waste any time and give our offices a call or request a call back from us to discuss your claim.

Other Industrial Diseases, Illnesses or Personal Injuries

Some injuries developed as a result of bad working conditions may not be a disease illness. It may simply be an injury which has occurred due to a slip or trip at work or an injury with has left you with a long term loss of some part of your body. If you have been the victim of such an injury, please call our offices to discuss your situation and we may be able to help you.

If you feel that you have been affected by an illness or disease due to bad working conditions and that injury is not mentioned above, this does not mean that it is not a valid claim. Please contact our offices to discuss your situation no matter what the case. Our friendly and dedicated team are committed to putting your needs first.

Have you been exposed to any of the above? If yes, you may entitled to some compensation which will help you ease the suffering and pain you have been put through as a result of your exposure to the above situations. Give us a call now on 01254 377786 and speak to our expert team of solicitors.

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