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At Stanley House Solicitors, we offer a number of flexible payment options to suit your unique needs. Depending on your issues, we may offer the following funding options;

  • Fixed Fee Options– We offer fixed fee options on some matters. This essentially means that your situation will be assessed and you will be provided with a fixed fee structure by our lawyers to assist you with your case.
  • Agreed Hourly Rate –This is the traditional fee structure that means that your case will be assessed by a lawyer and you will be provided with a fully flexible option on an hour to hour basis. Information will be provided to you about the overall cost of your matter and you will be updated as to these costs.
  • Legal Expense Insurance–The possibility of funding your case through a legal expense insurance policy will be investigated by our lawyers. Some insurance policies and financial products offer this service. It can be used to cover part or all of your costs. If available, you can avail this option.
  • Membership Organisations–Legal cover is offered by some membership organisations within the membership benefits. In case you are a member of any organisation that offers such benefits, you need to inform your legal advisor to provide you assistance and advice on the options available.

Cost Figures

  • Qualified one-way costs shifting – According to this law, defendants are ordered to pay the costs of successful claimants. However, the law is subject to certain exceptions. Your lawyer will provide you assistance in this matter.

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