Terms of Business

In these terms, ‘we’ refers to the law firm Stanley House Solicitors LTD. (UK) with registered address at 120 Bark St, Bolton BL1 2AX and in all relevant cases any successor or assignee.

  1. Advice provided by our injury solicitors is strictly confidential and is provided solely for your benefit. As our client, our duty of care extends to you as our client and does not extend to any third party.


  1. You are responsible to provide us with all information that we require in order to advise you on your matter and to make sure that such information is, and remains, accurate and true in all material respects. The information should not be misleading.


  1. You are responsible for making sure that you possess all the necessary rights to supply us with the information you provide and that our use of the information provided by you will not infringe upon the rights of any third party or result in a breach of any rule, law, or regulation.


  1. To enable us to continue to offer legal advice to you on your matter effectively, you are required to inform us, within 7 days, of any changes in your contact details including your address, name, email, or telephone number.


  1. Unless otherwise authorised by you, we will keep the information acquired about you strictly confidential except when we are required to disclose any such information;


  • to our external assessors, auditors or advisors for the purpose of our professional indemnity insurance; or
  • by a regulatory authority or law to which we are subjectto; or
  • to any other third party authorised by you under the terms of agreement regarding the funding of our charges and disbursements. Any such disclosure of information shall of course be conducted in confidence.


  1. Where our professional rules apply, you agree that after we cease to act for you, we may act or continue to act for another client under circumstances where we hold information that is confidential to you, and material to the engagement with the other client. However, your information will not be disclosed to other clients.

If you or we engage other professional advisors to provide assistance with a matter, we will assume, unless you notify us otherwise, that we may disclose your information to such advisors as necessary.

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